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FEATURED MODEL: Valya Romanova looks beautiful as ever!

Valya Romanova has always been known for her stunning looks.

Over the past few years, she has accomplished more than many models can only dream of.

Valya is smart, hard-working and absolutely beautiful.

She is highly educated and her modeling portfolio has become the envy of many aspiring models. The Florida-based beauty serves as an inspiration to many girls from all over the world to keep on going after their dreams.

Valya is sexy, sweet and gorgeous. She is living her childhood dreams to the max.

Valya has been seen in Maxim, FHM, GQ and many other publications worldwide. She has thousands of fans from all over the world.

Check out some of her amazing photos…

Above: Photo by Nino Batista

Above: Photo by Chris Lennon

Above: Photo by Tony Hayes

If that wasn’t enough, follow her on Facebook and Instagram. She always posts amaingly great pictures!

Valya Romanova: Beauty and Brains, Living Her Dreams in the United States

Valya Romanova and was born and raised in Russia. Ever since she was a little girl, she was fascinated by fashion. Valya dreamed that one day she would be that girl in the magazine.     Valya3byJohnFisher Above photo by: John Fisher

When she was a teenager, she modeled in Russia. Shortly after graduating high school, Valya left to go to college in the USA . She didn’t model in college because she was focused on her education.


Above photo by: Gary Miller

Just from talking to her for a short time and reading about her, I can see that she is far more than just a pretty face. Valya is extremely smart and ambitious. She possesses the kind of ambition that inspires people in many ways.


Above photo by: John Fisher

After she graduated from college, she decided to continue pursuing her modeling dream. Valya posted her modeling profile online and the rest is history.

She has been featured in FHM Magazine, Maxim Magazine and dozens of other popular publications. In a relatively short time, Valya accomplished more than many models can only dream of.


Above photo by: Chris Fisher (FHM Cover)

In addition to being beautiful, Valya has a ballet, figure skating and gymnastics background. She is interested is swimsuit, fitness, glamour and fashion. Valya is also an actress.

Here is how she feels about succeeding as a model: “I am fascinated seeing my dream coming true”


Above photo by: John Fisher

Valya developed an amazing portfolio and a stellar resume.

When she is not modeling, she is working as a physician’s assistant. Valya has got to be the sexiest physician’s assistant ever!


She is very beautiful, talented, hard working and smart. I’m very excited to be able to share her story with you all. Valya is fantastic and I can’t wait to see her on many magazine covers in the future.

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Model Mayhem. 🙂


10 Ways to Make Money While Pursuing Modeling

When you’re a new freelance model, you will not just be able to do a few shoots and start making a full-time living modeling. First, there are many models for people to choose from, some of which will be more experienced than you and if you are in a smaller market, then this is even tougher.

Therefore, as a new model, you will have to work other jobs that will help you pay your bills and which are flexible enough for you to be able to go to shoots. If you are interested in becoming a model, you must understand that it can be very difficult to make money as a model especially when you are just starting out and don’t have a huge network of industry contacts.

First, take a good look at your skills and interests. What do you like to do? What are you good at? If you don’t know what you’re good at, ask your friends and former coworkers for their honest feedback. Then, find a job or gig that fits with your skills and interests.

Here is a list of 10 jobs/gigs that I think are suitable for models who don’t model full-time. Keep in mind that you won’t get rich from these, but they can help you pay the bills when there aren’t that many modeling gigs available.

1. Promotional modeling. There are several marketing companies who are always looking for people to do demonstrations, sampling, interacting with people, and handing out brochures/flyers. This type of modeling does not have standards for height, weight, or measurements as long as you are attractive and personable.

2. Retail. I know of several models who are working part-time at clothing stores. The benefit is that it’s not a 9-5 and that it is possible to arrange your hours so that you can get some shoot time during your work week. You also get discounts on clothing. I’m not saying that it can’t be done if you have a 9-5, but many people require for you to shoot during the day, which means that you could miss out on potential opportunities to make money modeling.

3. Bartending. Same as retail in terms of the benefits of scheduling. Many of the girls that I know who model are bartending in the evenings which allows them to show up to shoots during the day.

4. Babysitting. It allows for flexible hours and depending on who is hiring you to babysit, you can make some money.

5. Personal Training. If you’re into fitness and are willing to get a certification, then personal training can allow you to have a flexible schedule. In addition, if you are passionate about fitness, then all of a sudden it doesn’t feel like a job.

6. Serving. Similar to bartending, serving at a restaurant can help you pay bills while you are looking for modeling jobs. Also, restaurant work is not 9am-5pm, so you will be able to apply for freelance modeling jobs that occur on days when you don’t work. Serving and bartending are certainly not for everyone, but if you enjoy customer service and show it in the way you treat your customers, your tips can potentially be rewarding.

7. Tutoring. If you are strong in some school subject area, why not turn that strength into extra money? If you are knowledgeable in a specific subject area and can explain it to others in a way that they understand, then you should try tutoring. Tutors average about $20 per hour.

8. Freelance writing. If you are knowledgeable and passionate about a certain subject and you’re a good writer, then you can make some extra money writing. For example, you can write blog posts for smaller fashion companies (or whatever else you’re interested in) or you can write site content. If you want to start freelance writing, you must be willing to put together a few samples of your work to show potential clients.

9. Dog Walking. If you love dogs, then you can offer your services as a dog walker for people who are sometimes too busy to walk their dogs. You can also pet sit for them and get paid for your time.

10. Organizing. If you enjoy getting desks, closets and drawers in order, you can turn it into a side business. You can schedule directly with your client when you can come in and make it work around your modeling time.

Keep in mind that these are only a few ideas on how to make extra money and that there are many other ways that you can supplement your income as you pursue your modeling goals.

The key is to try a bunch of different things and figure out what works best for you.

June Ann: Beauty and Brains

Just because June Ann D’Angelo is a beautiful model don’t assume that she is not intelligent.


June Ann received both her BA and BS in 4 years from LSU before achieving a PhD in immunology. She gets to play in the lab as a full-­time scientist and is disgusted by Tim Hunt’s recent remarks about women in science.


Not only does she work on her mind but also her body. June Ann is a trained pole and trapeze artist. If you like Pink Floyd, go see her perform pole with El Monstero.


The only problem is you will never see the band during the song ‘Young Lust’, because you will not be able to take your eyes off her on the pole.


She also loves anything outdoors and staying active. When June Ann was growing up in Gulfport, MS she was a 6-­time state champion in gymnastics and competed at Level 10 for 4 years.

This competitive drive and a love for being in front of the camera has been rewarding. You will see June Ann’s pictures hanging in galleries and in major art books. She was even featured in the most recent edition of ‘The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography’.


June has has also been featured this year in print by major magazines such as Playboy Mexico and VOLO.

Not only does June Ann like being in front of the camera, she also loves producing and directing photoshoots with her production company, geminijunemoon, and has an art + adventure blog on that same website that has been nominated for Best Newcomer Blog at the St. Louis Fashion Blog Awards.


Recently, June Ann also got bit by the acting bug and filmed an independent movie titled ‘Sleep With Me’ directed by Brian Jun. On top of everything, she loves to sing and even recorded an original Christmas song.

So, if you’re looking for the complete package, remember this name: Dr. June Ann D’Angelo.

Connect with June Ann: Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Model Mayhem

Photography: Lady Ashley Photography.

Featuring: Top Canadian Bikini and Glamour Model Jacqui Childs

Jacqui has been a model and actress since her first pageant at age 14.


By age 21, she had been published numerous times including the “shoot that started it all” with the legendary David Mecey for Venus Swimsuit Catalog. She had also appeared as an extra in films with John Travolta and Lee Majors.


After taking 15 years off to raise her family, she re-entered the industry after doing a boudoir photo-shoot just for fun, which led to an appearance in the Toronto Sun as the daily Sunshine Girl. Shortly after that, she became an Anchor for Naked News and has had the opportunity to travel the world and interview some amazing personalities and characters.


She has completed over 150 photo-shoots and has been published over 30 times in the last two years. Jacqui has also been on many magazine covers, including: The Plan Magazine, FemmeXposure Magazine, RHK Magazine, and much more. She has definitely become one of the top bikini and glamour models in Canada.


Most recently, she the opportunity to participate in the filming of a comedy sitcom pilot being pitched to all the major networks and has achieved Social Media Celebrity Status after having her Facebook page verified and grow to over 1.4 Million Fans in less than a year.


In a very short time, Jacqui has accomplished more than many models hope to achieve in their entire career.


Her story is inspiring because she re-entered the modeling industry at an age when many models feel they need to move on to something else. It’s definitely only a matter of time before we see her featured on another magazine cover.


Jacqui is beautiful, smart and hard working. She has a great attitude towards the industry as a whole that will serve her well 🙂


Jacqui can also be found on and is very active with both Twitter and Instagram. You can find her on Model Mayhem as well.


Brittany Elizabeth is stunning

Brittany Elizabeth is a very successful model based in Los Angeles, California.


Above: Photo by Kailas Images (amazing photographer)

She is agency represented and has been seen in a large variety of commercials and magazines both nationally and internationally.


Above: Photo by Kailas Images (amazing photographer)

Some of the magazines where Brittany appeared include: FIGHT! Magazine, MAXIM, Sports Illustrated, Ultimate MMA, SESSIONS, Fighters Only, Gladys, SNAP Matter and many others.


Above: Photo by Kailas Images (amazing photographer)

She is absolutely stunning and there is a good reason why she has become a favorite model to work with for many magazine editors and photographers.

Brittany has worked with some of the best photographers in North America and her portfolio definitely shows it.


Above: Photo by Satio Photography (another great photographer!)

When I first saw Brittany’s portfolio, the reasons for her success have become clear. She has the skills, looks and experience to be the perfect subject.


Above: Photo by Satio Photography

Many aspiring models only dream of the type of success that she has reached.

In all honesty, I struggled with picking the photos for this feature because her entire portfolio is filled with beautiful images and they are all great. Therefore, you can check out more of her work on Model Mayhem, like her Facebook Page and subscribe to her YouTube Channel. 🙂 I wish her continued success in her modeling career for many years to come.

GD Whalen Photography: A collection of Stunning Images

When I first stumbled upon GD Whalen’s photography portfolio, I fell in love with the images. They are very creative, colourful and absolutely stunning.


Above image credit: model Kristina Saven, wardrobe Anomalous Designs, photo GD Whalen.

Whenever I look for people to feature here, I’m always looking for the best of the best. As far as North American photography goes, GD Whalen definitely makes the list of the top photographers.


Above image credit: model Paper Doll Princess, wardrobe Denise Whalen, photo GD Whalen.

If you are inspired as much as I am, please share this post 🙂


Above image credit: model Paper Doll Princess, wardrobe Anomalous Designs, photo GD Whalen.

If you want to see more of their work, check out their website and Model Mayhem. All images here have been photographed by GD Whalen and are used with their permission.


Above image credit: model California Dreamer, wardrobe Denise Whalen, photo GD Whalen.


Above image credit: model Sarah R8, wardrobe Denise Whalen, photo GD Whalen.


Above image credit: model Holley Dorrough, photo GD Whalen.


Model Sarah Nicole Ametrine is a True Rising Star

Sarah Nicole Ametrine is a beautiful, young model based in Saint Catharines-Niagara, Ontario, Canada. Although she has only been modeling for a little over 8 months, she is already internationally published.

Sarah is quickly making a name for herself and I feel like her work will inspire many other young models to follow their dreams.


Above image credits: Rick OBanion Photo, Make-up: BestBeauty Studio.

Not only is she internationally published, but she is also currently working with L’Oreal Pro Canada. She has also been featured as a rising star on Model Mayhem.

Her work has been seen in Xpressions Magazine, Surreal Beauty Magazine, Spiced Magazine, Ellements Magazine and many others.

Clearly, magazine editors know how to pick winners. Sarah is exactly that-a winner.


Image credits: Julie Anne McGuinness

I’m thrilled to have had the pleasure watching this young model blossom into the amazing beauty that she is and I’m really excited to see how far she will go!


Above image credits: Rick OBanion Photo, BestBeauty Studio.


Image credits: Rick OBanion Photo, BestBeauty Studio.


Above photo by: Joey Ventura 

If you want to see more of Sarah’s work, check out her Model Mayhem profile. You can also follow her on Facebook.

Featuring International Cover Model and Celebrity Anais Zanotti

Anais Zanotti is a Miami-based, French-Italian born and raised in St. Tropez, France. After relocating to the USA to learn English, Anais quickly became an internationally-known cover model.


In just a little over a year, she has graced the covers of over 35 magazines that most models can only dream of. Not only that, but she has become an inspiration to many aspiring models worldwide.

Some of the magazines and publications that she has been featured in include: FHM, Maxim, Playboy, GQ, Cosmopolitan, People Magazine, Fighters Only, New York Post and  many more!

What’s really cool about Anais is that she is not just a pretty face. She is also an actress and stuntwoman with over 900 jumps under her belt. She’s just awesome!


AVIVA: Have you always wanted to be a model or did you have other career aspirations when you were younger?
ANAIS ZANOTTI: When I was younger, I did not really think about modeling until I got close to 14. I was approached by a photographer while I was at the beach with my mom. He asked if he could do a few shots of me. It ended up being a few hours. It was my first time and I was a natural.

I discovered that I liked to pose. I never thought it could be my career one day. After that shoot, I went to a modeling agency with my mom and started to do teen work, in between school. I did not take my career seriously until I was 19 when I started to work in St. Tropez, France, at the beach and traveling in the winter to bigger cities like Paris, Lyon, Nice, Milano, and etc..


AVIVA: What inspired you to become a model?
AZ: A few people inspire me. One of them was Brigitte Bardot, one of the first glamour models we had in France, she was a bombshell. There is also Monica Bellucci, Italian actress and model. and Cindy Crawford, who still inspires me.


AVIVA: What do you feel is the best part about your job?
AZ: Traveling and meeting new people in the same field. Getting published all over the world is very cool too and being able to have a flexible schedule.


AVIVA: What achievements in your career are you most proud of?
AZ: Really, so many things. I thought it was probably just a dream. I have been published in FHM France and Entrevue France, which was huge because it’s my own country. Also, I was stoked to have 4 pages in Entrevue. It’s a celebrity magazine. I’ve been in Playboy, which is very nice as well. Recently, I found myself in Cosmopolitan and People Magazine. That was pretty intimidating to me.


AVIVA: What do you believe is the key to getting published in magazines (apart from your look)?
AZ: I think lots of magazines are looking for someone who has something different and can be interesting to the audience.

There are so many beautiful models, but I have something else, other than just being pretty. I am a stunt woman, I have over 950 skydives. I’ve jumped from airplanes and helicopters, and soon, a hot-air balloon 🙂 I have done a few stunts for TV and commercials.


AVIVA: What piece of advice would you offer to an aspiring model who could be reading your interview?
AZ: I think if you believe in your dreams, they will come true. It’s very important to build a strong portfolio. First, get some nice head shots and body shots, so you can apply to a modeling agency to get more catalogue work and commercials. After that is done, you can start doing other types of shoots and being creative.

I think it’s very important to shoot with people who are very talented. Having a strong portfolio will get you more work quickly and they will not think of you as an amateur who shoots with just anybody.

After my shoot is done I always ask the photographers to send me a link on Smugmug or wherever I can see all images from our shoot. It’s very good because you learn about your poses, what to do better, what to avoid doing, your best poses, etc. When a photographer sends your shots, make sure they send them to you in Hi-Res without the watermarks, so you can use it to print for your portfolio or for publications.

Last thing, if you ever shoot nudes, it’s better to do it with a photographer that you know and trust. You want to be in control of your images and want to know where they are going to be seen.


AVIVA: How long after you started modeling did it take before you got noticed by the editors of major publications?
AZ: It’s hard to say. When I was in France, all I did it was agency jobs. I had no clue that I could published myself. I was published through the agency. When I restarted my career here it took 6 months and I was doing small magazines and a lot of online blogs. After a year, I was getting covers and from that I started to grow quickly.


AVIVA: Do you have any additional comments?
AZ: Big thanks to Model Mayhem who helped me come back into modeling. I met so many people through that modeling site.

You can check out Anais’ website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. 🙂

The photos published here have been submitted by Anais.



Introducing Feature Model and TV Host: Vendella Sonia

We are thrilled to introduce you to Vendella Sonia! She is a stunning model who is taking the industry by storm.  The quality of her work is outstanding and she has an amazing look. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is also in fantastic shape.   Vendella Vendella is originally from Stockholm, Sweden and  now currently resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is also an actress and TV host.


Vendella is an extremely diverse model and has modeled everything from bridal to lingerie and swimwear, to fitness and glamour as well as high fashion editorials.


Vendella has appeared in national magazines such as Wedding Bells and Rosebud as well as numerous calendars and print campaigns.


She truly takes her motto of never believing in limitations to a whole new level. Vendella has recently been cast as one of the lead characters in the highly anticipated movie “The night before the morning after” shooting this September 2013.

Vendella has only been modeling and acting for just over a year and has already become one of the most sought after models in Vancouver.


Check out Vendella hosting VCC Fashion on Novus TV 🙂

We wish her continued success in the industry for many years to come! You can also check out more of her work on Model Mayhem.