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Featuring: Love & Pieces Online Jewelry Boutique

Love & Pieces is an online jewelry boutique featuring a large variety of stunning pieces. It combines designer, bohemian chic and current trends together in a unique and effortless way.

The company is based  in Miami Beach and is a direct expression of everything that represents the founder, Elissa.

She has a passion for fashion, combined with a degree in fashion design and merchandising. In addition to her education, she has a wealth of experience in the industry, having worked as a buyer at a department store for several years.

Elissa is able to pick those special, different and current pieces. Love & Pieces only sells high quality, hand-picked jewelry. It’s not a surprise then that it’s one of the fastest growing online jewelry boutiques.

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry to wear at a special occasion, or want to be the envy at a party, or simply be unique, then this is the place to go.

Check out the featured items below as well.

1. Gina Cueto Criss Cross Pave Ring


This Criss Cross Pave Ring from designer Gina Cueto is available in Gold, Rose Gold and Sterling Silver. The two pave studded bands create a unique, sophisticated and edgy look. It features cubic zirconia stones.  This is a very beautiful and rare piece.  It looks great with almost any outfit and you can wear it with other rings as well. It’s versatile, out of the box and stunning.

2. Jules Smith Americana Gold Choker


The Americana Choker from Jules Smith is both elegant and simple. This choker is perfect with just about any outfit. It’s great for a causal daytime look or for a night out with friends. This amazing little choker will help you accessorize your wardrobe.

Happy shopping 🙂