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Featuring: Landeva Organics

Landeva Organics is an organic skincare company based in Canada. This means that Landeva products are 100% natural and mostly contain organic ingredients. Additionally, Landeva products are sustainably hand-crafted in small batches.


Unlike some companies that mass-produce their products and fill them with chemicals in order to minimize costs and maximize profits, Landeva takes pride in their products and is focused on quality.

Also, for those of you who care about the well-being of animals, you will be pleased to know that Landeva never uses an ingredient from an organization involved in animal testing.

All Landeva only uses only 100% natural preservatives and contains no fillers. The company does not use any artificial fragrances or colours.

Check out the following featured products from Landeva:

1. Gentle Cleansing Cream. This luxurious purifying cleansing and extra-mild formula leaves the skin clean and fresh without stripping the skin of its natural protection.

This cream contains natural antioxidants and plant oils and extracts to gently and effectively remove make-up and environmental impurities.

It also does not contain any harsh ingredients and is safe to use on all skin types, including sensitive skin.  Its key ingredients include: Green Tea Extract, Chamomile Extract, and Cucumber Extract.

2. Argan Hair and Body Oil. The luxurious fusion of organic Argan Oil and high quality all-natural oils like organic Camellia seed, jojoba, avocado, and coconut enriched with Vitamin E and pure essential oils, makes for a healthy treatment for your hair and body. It will help rejuvenate your skin and hair in order to make you look and feel beautiful.

If you are looking for 100% natural beauty products that will help you look beautiful, feel healthy and that are reasonably-priced, then you should give Landeva a try. 🙂

Featuring: galvanic beauty machine from Australia

Galvanic units either individually or combined with other complementary treatment functions in a multi function machine. A galvanic current is a constant direct current which may be used in facial treatments as either desincrustation or iontophoresis.

In this post, I’m going to talk about one particular galvanic beauty machine from Australia that caught my eye.


Configured with Brush, Galvanic, High Frequency & Vacuum together with standard functions of Mag Lamp, Steamer & Woods Lamp. This 7 function unit can be increased to a 14 function unit as you require. A Hot Towel cabinet designed to fit on the base is also available.

This is a salon quality machine and has a variety of different functions. Other function units that can be inserted into the 3 remaining empty slots are: Diamond Microdermabrasion, Ice Therapy, Microcurrent, Patter Massage, Photo Rejuvenation, Ultrasonic.

This is great for those who are looking for a multipurpose beauty machine. The price of this unit depends entirely on what kinds of functions you are looking to have included with it.



Featuring: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

In this post, I’m featuring a chronic fatigue syndrome treatment from ReGene Products. This product is called Energy I, which is a dietary supplement that helps fight fatigue. It will help you “recapture your youth and energy through personalized genetic science.”


This unique product activates cell respiration process, and first of all –– mitochondrial activity and biological clock genes’ activity, which explains its strong and rapid effect. As confirmed by quantum genomics clinical studies, the product is highly efficient for fatigue treatment and prevention, cardio- and vessel protection, hormonal regulation.
Additionally, the product also has high protective effects in smokers.

Energy I is quantum genomics new GENEration product, which contains active forms of Q10, NAD+ and vitamin B12 that contributes to optimal energy-yielding metabolism.

Please note that food supplements are no substitute for a well-balanced diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. For best effectiveness, this product should be used in conjunction with other healthy lifestyle factors.


Featuring: Leora Beauty

Located in Frisco, Texas, Leora Beauty formulates, develops, and distributes hi-tech cosmeceuticals at affordable prices. Using their own proprietary blend, they continuously strive to improve their products using only high quality, exclusive ingredients. It’s always great to find companies who are looking out for their customers and who want to give their customers the best.

Their products are in a strict compliance with current GMP (cGMP) regulations and go through with FDA inspections every two (2) years.

Check out two of their featured products below:

1. Vitamin C Serum 20 (Micro-encapsulated). Micro-encapsulated Vitamin C 20% is a powerful antioxidant when combined A and E, making skin smoother, brighter and younger.


2. Niacinamide B3 5% Serum. Commonly known as Vitamin B3, Niacinamide at 2% helps reduce water loss in the skin and retain fatty acid levels (younger, plumper, firmer skin). At high concentrations (between 3-4%), it’s also  a very effective acne reducer. Clinical research has shown niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to be just as effective as the topical antibiotic Clindamycin for treating acne.


If you are looking for beautiful, younger looking skin, then you should give Leora Beauty a try. 🙂

Featuring: Best Anti-Aging Products

In this post, I would like to feature one of the best anti-aging products. Also known as ReGene Ultimate Health & Beauty, it’s a special highly assimilated DRINK FORMULA with Silicium.


ReGene Ultimate Health & Beauty is a highly effective unique specifically designed product on the basis of highly assimilated organic Silicium. In case of regular correct usage, it significantly improves skin health at any age.

It helps support collagen formation and helps maintain healthy skin. Healthy skin is one of the first things that people will notice when they first meet you. If you want to have beautiful, youthful skin, try ReGene Ultimate Health & Beauty.

The microelement, Silicium, stimulates regeneration, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory processes.

ReGene Ultimate Health & Beauty is recommended as a part of a combined skin health and/or anti-aging therapy. It also has a highly positive effect in case of acne problems, sensitive skin and for collagen stimulation. In other words, not only does it help keep your skin looking young, but also helps minimize the appearance of acne.

Please note that results vary for different people, since everyone’s body and how it responds to different supplements is different.

However, it’s always worth a try. 🙂