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Introducing Cubit: Smart, Wearable and Fashionable Technology

If you’re tired of constantly being on your bulky phone and are looking for a unique way to showcase your sense of style, then Cubit is definitely something that you should check out.

Cubit is a small wearable device about the size of a few stacked poker chips. You can wear it on your wrist, keychain or necklace which means that you don’t have to hold on to your smartphone when you use cubit.

Cubit is used in conjunction with your phone, using low-energy Bluetooth technology. This gives you a really cool way to connect with your friends without being glued to your smartphone.

Some of the cool benefits of using Cubit are:

1. You can get notifications, such as texts, emails, social updates, calendar alerts and calls, directly from your phone.

2. Cubit has a two-way range finder. So, if you lose your phone frequently, then you can use Cubit to find it. Also, if you attach Cubit to your keychain and misplace your keys, then you will be able to find them.

3. Cubit can be used as an awesome fashion accessory that you can tailor to yourself. You can customize the look of your Cubit by uploading your favorite team logo or photo to showcase on your OLED screen.

4. It’s app is open source, so there is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to what you can design.

You can pre-order your Cubit on Kickstarter.

Featuring: Beautiful Handcrafted Wool Scarves from Milovka

Milovka  is a Canadian-based company, which specializes in importing beautiful hand-crafted wool scarves from Russia. Milovka brings you the world’s finest handcrafted wool scarves and shawls. The company delivers high quality, unique product to their customers.


When I first looked at their website, I fell in love with some of the product immediately. My first thought was “Wow! So gorgeous!”

Being of Russian heritage, I really appreciate the beauty of the culture and the fashion that goes along with it.

The product is made from 100% finest quality wool, free from chemical processing so that it retains its texture.  Their shawls are exquisite, and a joy to wear. The vivid colours of the summer  brighten up the cold and grey winter days, with their bright and striking beauty.


If you are looking to stand out from the pack and add a new scarf to your collection, then you should definitely check out what Milovka has in store for you.

Accessory-conscious fashionistas who are interested in wearing something new and exciting with their outfit will love the scarves.

Not only that, but they will also have hats to commemorate the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.