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My New Top 5 Dresses from

When I am browsing through the “dresses” section on, I am extremely impressed by the amazing variety, quality and beauty of the outfits that they have for sale. In addition to falling in love with about 5 dresses right off the bat, I am also a big fan of their swimwear, pants, shoes, accessories and skirts.

For those of you who are new to AH Life & Style, is an online luxury clothing retailer featuring some of the world’s best designers and top brands in the industry. I like to promote the company because they sell high quality designer clothing and I’m a fan of creative fashion that makes people look and feel great.

I recently had a reader email me asking about and what some of my favorite dresses are. Since I couldn’t just reply with “all of them”, even though that’s my real answer, I decided to pick my top 5.

1. Embellished Lace Dress in Pewter seen below. The ultimate party dress, this lace frock from Matthew Williamson features shimmering mirrored embellishment and a feather-laden skirt – Pewter-toned lace, scalloped V-neckline, elbow-length sleeves, scalloped cuffs, mirror-embellished skirt, tonal feather trim, hidden back zip , tailored fit. Style with diamond earrings and sleek stilettos. I love this dress. It’s a very unique design. It looks absolutely stunning and it will showcase your sense of fashion like no other. If you have the budget for it, then this would be an awesome addition to your closet.

2. Silk Embellished Cutout Gown in Sapphire seen below. If you want to look and feel like a movie star at a red carpet event, then this dress is for you. A stunning drape and shimmering embellished trim lend an ultra-glamorous look to this floor-grazing evening gown from Roberto Cavalli – Dark royal silk, V-neckline with cutout front detail, medium-width straps, silver-toned embellishment on straps and gathered panel bodice, hidden back zip closure, train – Form-fitting bodice, full skirt – Style with a statement necklace and platform sandals.

3.New Navy Draped Jersey Dress with Belt is shown below. Ultra feminine and flattering, Donna Karan’s luxurious draped jersey dress guarantees a glamorous look both day and night-softly draped neckline, short sleeves, draped detailing at the waist, tie belt, back seam detail-form-fitting- wear with statement jewelry, a clutch and pumps. I am a HUGE fan of Donna Karan’s designs! The one thing I know is that it’s impossible to go wrong with Donna Karan.

4.Draped Jersey Gown with Snake Embellishment in Turquoise, which is shown below. Perfect for your most fancy affairs, this floor-length gown from Roberto Cavalli features a radiant turquoise hue and characteristic snake embellishment – Turquoise jersey, wide neckline, cap sleeves, diagonal drape from the shoulder to waist, turquoise and silver-toned snake embellishment at the hip, hidden side zip, deep side slit, short train – Form-fitting, floor-length – Style with strappy metallic sandals and a see-through clutch. I LOVE that color! This dress is absolutely gorgeous!

5. Silk Embellished One Shoulder Gown in Red shown below. The color red really caught my eye and it would definitely catch the eyes of everyone around the person who is wearing this gorgeous piece. Radiant in scarlet silk, Marchesa’s embellished evening gown features shimmering metallic gold embroidery and a stunning drape – Red gathered silk with metallic gold floral embroidery around the top and waist, white crystal and tonal sequin and bead embellishment on embroidery, one shoulder with draped top shoulder sash, hidden back zip, train – Form-fitting bodice, floor length wrap skirt – Team with statement earrings and flawless heels. If there is one dress that could make you feel like a celebrity, then this is it. 🙂


Leonisa’s Newest Swimwear

As you all know, I’m an affiliate with because I believe that they sell high quality of product. For those of you who don’t know, Leonisa produces, manufactures and sells high quality garments, including intimate apparel, lingerie, shapewear and swimwear.

So, I wanted to share with you some of their newest stuff, especially because it has been a while since I’ve done a post on Leonisa.
First, we have the Leonisa Tribal Plunge Monokini, which is shown below. It’s a monokini with triangle cups and plunge neckline that provide excellent bust coverage. It also has removable padding, adjustable string bottom and tie strings at neck and back.

Next, we have the Ruffled Plunge Monokini. Check it out below. As we can see, it really covers the front stomach area, for those who are concerned with that particular area. In addition, the ruffles up to create the illusion of more volume in the chest area and a feminine touch. The top has removable padding that allows you to select the level of push up.

And, because I appreciate the fact that you took the time to read my post, check out the following coupons and deals 🙂
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GUEST POST: Durable EMS Outerwear


An EMS has to be ready for all situations. Out on the job there may be intense rain, wind, or fires that have to be dealt with. To protect yourself on the job find an EMS jacket from to be sure you will be ready to deal with all of these situations. Safety is the priority with these jackets and they have been designed with that in mind. The material used is also extremely resistant to whatever is thrown at it and they will not break down or tear in everyday situations. Also, check out the selection of great clothing carriers available. They will make transporting your clothing from work to home much easier and compact.

The jackets sold on Blauer are of the finest quality to protect you from the dangers of your job. It not only provides the protection on the outer layer but it also has the insulating qualities of the finest jackets. Whether it be a freezing day out in the snow or a dangerous fire situation these jackets will do their job. Choose from the wide variety available to find the right one for any day. There are long raincoats that can be reversible or all in one that are great for keeping dry all day. Then there are fleece pullovers and jackets that are very comfortable for those days where not much is going on. There is also work jackets that give you the functionality of a normal jacket but a much higher level of protection. There is also a large amount of Goretex technology jackets to keep you extra safe.

If your job requires a vest as well then there are ways to carry it around without hassle. A durable vest carrier can be found here on and they make traveling with work clothing much easier. These carriers can be used many times and they will protect your vest entirely. A vest can save a life so treat it with care with a great, durable vest carrier.

Find the right jacket for your job on From raincoats to pull over fleeces there is anything that you might need.


Submitted by Thuy Vy Paz

AH Life & Style Celebrity Feature: Amy Markham

We are thrilled to have a submission from Amy Markham’s management for this celebrity feature. Check out her amazing images and bio to find out why she is taking the industry by storm.

She is an inspiration to many models and is living proof that if you have a great look and work hard, you will succeed as a model. Amy Markham is an international model who has graced the covers and pages of many publications that most models only dream of. She has also appeared in countless ads worldwide.

As a small town girl from Texas, Amy has worked around the clock to reach global success and recognition and has shot covers and features for publications both in US and internationally.

As seen in her celebrity features in top international publications such as Esquire, Maxim, GQ, FHM and Vogue, this self-made model has made it well known to the world she was more than a one hit wonder in the industry.

Amy Markham is very well known for being diverse and for her exotic looks. As a blend of European and Korean, she is blessed with ethnically ambiguous features that make her simply irresistible to both the camera and magazine readers across the world. With one click of a camera, her dazzling exotic eyes, luscious brown locks, and her flawless skin certainly makes her stand out from the crowd of other models.


From Australia to the USA, South Africa to Mexico, Amy’s global popularity has been on the rise as she has become one of the most searched celebrity Maxim and FHM models in the world.

Not only is she a highly sought after and successful print model, Ms. Markham has also branched into television and can be seen on major networks such as Telemundo and Univision. She can also be seen on major news channel segments and interviews around the US covering her special appearances at events and shows. Additionally, she was also the host of BiteMeTv, a TV show based in Los Angeles that was recently a winner of the LA Web Series Festival 2011.

She also just signed a celebrity endorsement contract with Nutri-Sups Worldwide, one of the world’s largest supplement distribution companies in the fitness industry.


Amy is also a member of PETA and is an animal rights activist and supports animal adoption. She resides in Texas with her 3 adopted dogs in her downtime and travels between Texas, Los Angeles and the rest of the world for her career.

We wish Amy continued success in the industry and we look forward to seeing more of her published work in international publications. To see more of Amy, check out her WEBSITE, Facebook, and Whosay. The images featured in this article were submitted. 🙂

Guest Post: 3 Easy Ways to Achieve Weight Loss By Targeting Body Fat

It is a lot easier to put on weight than it is to get rid of it; however, anyone who has the willpower and determination to get in shape can do so. Following are three simple tips that will help you target and eliminate unwanted body fat and get in shape.

Weight Loss Pills and Supplements

If you want to shed pounds fairly quickly, then using weight loss pills can be a good idea. These pills help to reduce your appetite while giving your body the energy it needs to go through the day. However, weight loss pills are not a permanent cure to obesity. These pills should only be for a limited time period and should not take the place of maintaining a balanced, healthy diet.

It is also a good idea to take Vitamin D supplements. A team of American and European researchers has recently found that a lack of Vitamin D can, over time, lead to obesity. If you are not able to get the Vitamin D you need naturally (by spending plenty of time outside in the sun) then you should take supplements. Unlike weight loss supplements, Vitamin D and other vitamins and minerals can be taken on a daily basis.

Eating Right

If you weigh more than you should, then you will probably need to make some drastic changes to your diet. Avoid processed foods, oily foods and junk foods, along with red meat and alcoholic beverages. Instead, stick to eating healthy, low fat foods such as whole grains, white meats, legumes and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

It is important to not go on a starvation diet. If you stop eating, your body will retain fat and slow the metabolism automatically because it thinks that you may be in danger of starvation. Eat three square meals a day and be sure you are getting plenty of food at each meal. You can also have several snacks throughout the day, as long as these are healthy, low fat foods such as fruits, vegetables, protein milkshakes, etc.

Exercise Tips and How To’s

Your body needs exercise, even if you are not overweight. Exercise speeds up the metabolism, boosts your immune system, reduces stress and enables you to sleep well at night. Ideally, you should exercise an hour a day; however, if you are not able to do so, then be sure to exercise at least three times a week.

Choose a form of exercise that you enjoy, as this will make it easier for you to make the time to work out on a daily basis. All forms of exercise help the body to burn fat and, contrary to popular misconception, no one form of exercise is better than another when it comes to weight loss. As Natural News notes, the body determines where to store fat and where to shed it from.

Tried and Proven Weight Loss Tips

These simple tips for weight loss are tried and proven. They work and will help anyone to get rid of unwanted weight and keep it off permanently. While there are many quick diet fads and schemes to be found both online and offline, only natural weight loss will ensure that you are able to get in shape and stay in shape without throwing off your metabolism or causing harm to your body.


Drew Littlejohns is in partnering with athletes and others together to help them achieve their goals from weight loss to muscle building. You can find him on facebook, Google+, and Twitter

11 Tips to Make More Money as a Freelance Model

Many aspiring models are always wondering how to make more money, especially when they are going the freelance route. Given that there are more models available to shoot then there are paid shoots, being able to showcase your own value as a model is very important if you would like to be selected for the shoot.

There are hundreds of thousands of exceptionally beautiful girls who are competing for those paid modeling jobs. Therefore, succeeding as a freelance model takes much more than just being pretty. Realistically, very few girls ever get to the point where they make a full time living just modeling.

Below are a 11 tips on how you can increase your own value as a model and make more money.

1. Improve your reputation. Reputation is very important. If those who are hiring know that they can rely on you to show up prepared and on time, then you will have more chance than if you are someone who flakes out on shoots. Reputation takes a lot of time to build, but once you build it, it’s very important to maintain. People must be able to count on you. When it comes to paid gigs, people are investing in you and you have to show them that you’re worth the investment.

2. Learn a new skill, such as how to do your own make-up and hair. If you know how to do your own make-up/hair, then those who are hiring will see that by using you at the shoot, they will save money on additional team members. More often than not, projects are budgeted. Therefore, the better the deal you offer in terms of your skill set, the more likely you will get chosen.

3. Know your target market. Look at the companies, publications and photographers who shoot the types of models that are similar to where you fit in and pursue them. If you are a fitness model, start by going after smaller fitness clothing companies and photographers who shoot your style. If you’re a glamour model and fit the criteria, then work with people who shoot glamour. When you know your target market, you will be able to effectively build a portfolio that best represents the type of work that you are well-suited for.

AvivaBlueMoonSmallPhoto by: IMS FotoGrafix

4. Decrease your demands. When people are hiring you, they don’t want to hear all of your demands. Therefore, keep the “I have to bring my boyfriend/husband/fiancé to the shoot” and “I must have the copyrights to all the pictures taken” to yourself. There are many more models who don’t have these demands that will get hired for the jobs that you want.

5. Build a good online presence. If you have a lot of real fans/followers, then photographers and companies will be able to see that working with you can help them build their own online presence. If a model with a huge following and another model with no fans are competing for the same job and they both fit all the other criteria, then the one with more followers usually wins.

6. Improve your communication. Many models will miss out on paid work as a result of not reading and replying to emails from people who would like to work with them. How do you expect to be hired for a shoot when you don’t even reply to people who are interested in working with you? Yes, sometimes you will get offers that you don’t want to take part in, but once in a while you might miss a great opportunity if you don’t respond. Let people know if you are available. Even if you are not, but are still interested in working with a person, it’s best to let that person know, in case if future gigs come up.

7. Have a great selection of wardrobe. Given the limited budgets of some projects, you will not always have the privilege of a wardrobe stylist at the shoot. Therefore, having your own high quality wardrobe, which doesn’t have to be expensive, will put you ahead of models who require a wardrobe stylist.


8. Take care of your skin. Most photographers are busy and they don’t have all day to remove your acne in Photoshop. In addition, many photographers, who would be paying you to shoot, would prefer not to have to do too much retouching, especially if they are newer. The truth is, the easier you make another person’s job, the higher the likelihood that you will get hired.

9. Keep your body in shape. Being toned opens up more opportunities for shoots. Whether it’s lingerie shoots that you’re after, or bikini, or fitness, there are many more paid gigs available for models who are in shape. Realistically, there is not a big market for models who are 5’0″ and 200lbs, except for some fetish work.

10. Represent yourself with honesty. This ties back to reputation, although there is much more to it than that. It’s best to display, or have available, un-retouched snapshots which show what you look like without make-up, styling and Photoshop. It’s also best to honestly display your height and measurements because sometimes people are looking to hire models with specific stats. Additionally, lying about your measurements and deceiving people about how you look will come back to haunt you later. This is a small world and bad news travels fast.

11. Ask for testimonials and display those. It’s one thing to talk about yourself and say how great you are, but it’s completely different when other people are praising you for your look, skills, punctuality and professionalism. So, if you’ve had a great experience working with someone, ask them to leave you a testimonial for your website or social media profile.   

I hope that the above points were helpful to newer models who would like to make money freelancing. What else would you add?

Newest Arrivals at Gipsy Dharma

I have just recently got a chance to check out some of the new arrivals at Gipsy Dharma. The company is always taking the time to listen to what the customers are looking for and provide high quality products. Gipsy Dharma specialize in unique handmade leather boots and skirts for women.

“They are designed by artisans, using the finest pieces of leather to create something unique and incredibly comfortable and stylish”.-from their website.

They have a lot of beautiful product in store now. I really love the colours and the careful detail with which each piece was assembled. I can see that a lot of careful thought was put into making sure that customers receive something that they can’t get anywhere else.

When it comes to fashion, the goal is to stand out and set the trends rather than wear what everyone else is wearing. It’s very easy to copy other people’s style, but I think that being unique is much better.

For example, I really like the Pink Tie Dye Leather Belt Skirt. Pink is one of my favorite colours and it’s something that I would love to wear 🙂 Check out the photo of the skirt right below:

GipsyDharma I also really like the Navy Blue Tie-Dye Leather Belt Skirt, which is pictured below:


If you want to have something original and show your friends how fun, fabulous and fashionable you are, then check out the new collection of leather boots and skirts by Gipsy Dharma. You will love the intricately designed high quality pieces that will give you the chance to showcase your style.

Happy shopping!

Featuring: John Charles Collection

John Charles, where you can get designer mother of the bride outfits, is a British fashion house based in London. Since 1958, it has continued to develop a great reputation for the quality of product, designing luxurious female fashions and mother of bride outfits. The brand was awarded Best Occasionwear Collection three times, with a recent win in 2011, as voted by independent retailers and high quality fashion boutiques.

Design Director Regine Ellis understands her target market very well and takes the time to ensure that the customers are extremely happy with the collections. She makes sure that women feel confident, beautiful and glamorous when they wear her designs.

Below are examples of a couple of amazingly gorgeous designs from the John Charles mother of the bride collections. You can check out the entire collection on their website, which is where I got the images.


Above: This is probably one of my favorite outfits from the whole collection. I love the colours and the shape. This outfit is elegant and very beautiful.


Above: Another outfit that stood out to me when I browsed the website. It is definitely a must-have for women who would like to feel confident, stylish and glamorous.

Did you enjoy the collection?

Featuring Amazing Model Ana Braga

Ana Braga is an internationally published glamour, swimsuit, fashion, fitness and lifestyle model originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has been living in the USA for almost 19 years and is currently based in Las Vegas.
Over the last year, I have watched her career blossom into something absolutely amazing that most glamour models can only dream of. Ana has become an international sensation, having been featured in Playboy Brazil, Playboy Mexico, Playboy Romania, FHM Spain, FHM Philippines,, Fighters Only South Africa and multiple other magazines.
She has garnered the support of thousands of fans from all over the world with her beauty, intelligence and positive attitude towards the industry. Ana has always been very determined to make her dreams a reality and she is doing fantastic work.
I am thrilled to have been able to interview her for this feature.
AVIVA:  What inspired you to become a model?
ANA BRAGA: My mom, my aunt and my grandma did extensive modeling in Brazil. I grew up in that environment so I had no choice lol. So I can say my mom inspired me with her beauty and class!
AVIVA: What do you feel is the most exciting part of your job?
AB: To be fortunate enough to be able to see the finish product, being published. Every time I get published is dear to me!
AVIVA: What are some tips that you have for aspiring models who would like to get published?
AB: I would say do your research and only work with respected and respectful photographers. Do not flirt or do anything else like that for your features! I never did and never will. Work hard and you’ll achieve anything you want. Be kind and cordial to all you meet. It’s a small industry and you want to have a good reputation. Be professional, be on time. I do all my submissions, you can do it too!
AVIVA: Which models inspire you?
AB: My mother, my grandma and Carmen Dell’Orifice. Carmen is 82 and still works. She’s beautiful, classy and here is one of my favorite of her quotes “I don’t do this thing in front of the camera to get love or for approval. I get my love privately.”
AVIVA: What is your most proudest moment in your career?
AB: When I came out in Playboy! It has been a dream for me for so long and I got Miss June 2013 in my home country, Brazil. I’m so proud of it because I did it all on my own. I contacted the editors and booked a great photographer and went from there! I’m proud of all I have accomplished! I hope I get to inspire people and they realize their dreams can be achieved too.
AVIVA: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
AB: Being a Chief editor of a great magazine or living in Hawaii!! Either one or both would be fantastic! Why not?
AVIVA: What do you feel is a critical factor in becoming a successful model?
AB: It is how you take rejection and how thick your skin is! You must never believe in negative voices. People will try and discourage you from following your dreams. Don’t listen to them, they are negative voices from insecure people. You must know who you are and only believe voices that come from love. If the dream is in your heart, no one can stop you! If a door closes, God has a bigger one for you. I’m living proof of that.
AVIVA: Do you have any additional comments?
AB: Would like to thank Gary Miller, Mike Prado, Dawn Grey and Anais Zanotti for believing in me and for all the love and support!! Also a special thanks to Aviva for always being so kind and sweet to me!!
You can check out Ana on FACEBOOK, follow her on Twitter @sambadiva, and Instagram @anabanana200
I wish her continued success! 🙂
Photographer credits for the images above: Kenny Roland, Mike Prado, Gary Miller, Tolga Katas, Kevin Genzel and Edward Aninaru.

AH Life & Style featuring model with a vision: Agnes Liong

Agnes 9 Over the past little while, I’ve received hundreds of submissions from models, both experienced and aspiring. Once in a while, I discover some amazingly beautiful models and feature them here. 🙂


I was extremely impressed by Agnes’ photos which she submitted. She has extensive experience in beauty, fashion, editorial, commercial, lifestyle and runway modeling.


Her features are absolutely gorgeous, which is why her images really stood out to me.


Agnes, also known as Empress Evangeline, is a professional model based in Union City, California.


She started modeling about 2 years ago and she is loving it! She stated that she is happy to be working in the field that she is very passionate about.


Empress does Beauty, High-Fashion, Editorial and Artistic shoots and has been working with Paul Mitchell, Oribe, SkinFood Cosmetics, Viet Beauty Magazine and many more.


In addition, she was a finalist for Miss Asian America, is now Miss Entrepreneur and 2nd Princess for Miss Vietnam and is also Miss San Francisco.


Not only is Agnes beautiful, but she is also very smart. She just graduated with her B.Sc. in Finance and Marketing, Honors Program, Magna Cum-Laude. She is a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley.


Her goal is to become one of the few international Asian models as well as  establish her own international Fashion Corporation and use the earnings to help rebuild her home country.


Agnes speaks 3 languages fluently: German, Indonesian and English.


To check out more of her work, please visit her FACEBOOK page, Model Mayhem Profile, and Website.