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Beautiful Colours from Gipsy Dharma

For those of you who are new to AH Life & Style, Gipsy Dharma is a manufacturer and retailer of unique handmade clothing and leather boots for women. For the returning visitors, thank you for your kind emails about the products that I have been featuring recently. I believe that their products are very interesting and exciting. I can only imagine the amount of effort that goes into making their clothing.

First, we have the Knee-High  Cobalt Blue Leather Boots. I definitely like the colour. They’re made from soft and durable leather and are comfortable to wear. Not only do these boots look beautiful, but they also allow you to express yourself and your fun personality. These boots will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Forget shopping at big box stores and start shopping at boutiques which offer you product as unique as yourself. GipsyDharmaMay30

If you are a fan of the colour pink, the good news is Gipsy Dharma also have Pink Knee High Leather Boots. That’s definitely one of my favorite colours. If you are a girlie-girl who likes to stand out and showcase your unique fashion sense, then these boots are made for you. Comfortable to wear, stylish and practical, you will not be disappointed when you get yourself a pair of these fabulous boots. GipsyDharmaMay30_1

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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Hello Fashionistas!

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Wizards of the West is an online fashion and accessories retailer. They sell a large variety of women’s fashions from blazers to jackets to raincoats. In addition, you will find some cute dresses at very reasonable prices. Wizards of the West have a really huge selection of accessories as well.

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Happy shopping!


Featured items from Gipsy Dharma

Gipsy Dharma is a manufacturer and retailer of unique handmade clothing and leather boots for women. The boots are individually hand-crafted with fine, soft leather and are incredibly comfortable. In addition to being stylish and fashionable, the boots are comfortable enough to be worn for all occasions. Their leather skirts are also fantastic and worth a look!

I especially think that the Tan Boots with Tan Lacing look great and are definitely worthy of being featured on AH Life & Style. I get a lot of links sent to me and once in a while, someone sends me something unique to look at, like these boots. I like unique stuff and clearly Gipsy Dharma put a lot of thought, effort and heart into their products. Boots in Tan Leather with Tan Lacing

I am also featuring the Mischievous Fairy Boots in Chocolate Brown Leather Over the Knee Length. Check out the image below to see what they look like. This quote, taken directly for the Gipsy Dharma website, is a great summary of how I feel about these boots too: “Celebrate the music festival season this year with these fabulous chocolate over-the-knee brown leather boots. Made by hand using the finest, softest leather; with flexible flat soles and adjustable lacing, you can comfortably dance the night away in these boots, being the envy of all people around you.”

I could see myself wearing something like this. They fashion make for creative photoshoots and look great.


I hope that your enjoyed browsing through the Gipsy Dharma website and checked out what they have in store.