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Why I Closed the “Comments” Section

I am regretfully closing the comments section on this website and I will tell you exactly why.

Please be advised that I will still be accepting emails from readers and I will be posting some of the readers’ comments myself. I will also still continue to accept guest posts and other submissions from people who are interested.

Since I’ve received a number of emails from genuinely engaged readers who are interested in commenting on my site asking me why I closed the comments section, I feel that I must write a post about it.

To the readers and followers who were genuinely interested in reading the content and giving me genuine feedback on it: I want to sincerely thank you and I want you to know that I really appreciated it and I hope that we continue our communication and discussions on Facebook. Please feel free to comment through the AH Life and Style Facebook page or email to avivamodel (at) gmail (dot) com

I understand that the idea of having a blog section on a website is so to interact with readers and users. However, I also know that the comment section is not a place for people who don’t care at all about the content of the site to post their links and try to sell me their stuff.

Although I was getting good comments from people who do care and who were commenting on the content, I was also getting far too much spam from people who were running comment-generating scripts on my site just so they could get a backlink. I find such behaviour dirty and cheap. I don’t want to expose my readers, contributors and followers to such content.


I want to maintain the integrity of this site and the best way to do this is to close the comments altogether. I want my readers to enjoy their visit to this site. I know that personally, if I come to a site to read a post and I find that all the comments are spam, I see it as “the website owner doesn’t care enough” to moderate the site. Well, I’m not like that.

I’d rather have 10 good comments rather than 1000 spam comments.

I care about my readers so I will continue to bring them quality content and eliminate spam from this site. I will give my readers the best. Maybe down the road I will reopen the comments, but until then, they will remain closed.



Updates on the AH Life and Style Online Modeling Contest

Hi Ladies!

I’m really, really excited to be able to bring you this opportunity to take part in the contest. This is the first time that AH Life & Style has decided to put on a model search in order to bring you exposure and a cash prize.

I want to sincerely thank all of the girls who have entered the contest already and I look forward to receiving your entries.

Since this is the first month that we’re doing this contest, I’ve decided that it’s best to extend the deadline to enter from February 28th, 2013 to March 15th, 2013. ūüôā

The more photos you submit, the greater the chance that there will be a photo that will stike a cord with the judges.

Don’t forget to enter and let your friends know about this too.

I’ve also wanted to spotlight just one of our entrants so far.




Markus Klinko & Indrani’s "ICONS" Exhibit in L.A.

I am¬†honoured to have been invited to the opening of Markus Klinko and Indrani’s ICONS Exhibit in L. A. hosted by gorgeous Carmen Electra on January 10, 2013.

Markus and Indrani have collected nearly two-decades of iconic images and put together a fantastic book, called Icons: The Celebrity Exposures of Markus and Indrani. I am also proud to say that I have a copy of the book, thanks to Markus ūüôā I love the book. I think it would make a great gift for any of your photography-loving friends or anyone who loves to look at amazing photos of celebrities.

I am extremely fascinated by their work and their book. It is not a surprise that they are the “go-to” photographers for the hottest Hollywood stars.

Carmen Electra looked absolutely stunning as did Indrani.




Celebrities, artists, photographers and fashion fanatics attended the event.

The exhibit in LA opened January 10th and will run through January 26th.

Check out Markus & Indrani’s website and Facebook page.

Also, these images do not belong to me, but Markus gave me permission to use them on my blog.


Interesting Shopping Infographic

This infographic is called Keep Calm & Go Shopping. Many women can relate to it because they love to shop. Sometimes they shop because they like to renew their wardrobe and other times they like to spend money as a way to reward themselves for the hard work that they do.

Women in the USA (and other parts of North America) spend thousands of dollars per year updating their wardrobe and shoe collection.

Sometimes, women shop because they don’t like to be “outdressed” by their peers, given their competitive nature.

There is always this desire to keep up with fashion trends, especially for the women who believe they can afford it.

Check out the image below for the statistics on shopping. You will be amazed at some of the numbers!

Keep Kalm and go shopping Infographic


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GUEST POST: Lets the Person within Come Out

Today’s fashion designs are strong and creative. Tattoo shirts by make a statement to the world through their innovative ideas. Tattoo artists have a special style and use their talents to produce wearable art. People want to express themselves through the clothes they wear. Men and women find an outlet by wearing unique tattoo clothing. Original art is used to create an individualized look that sets the wearer apart from the crowd. Fashion is an extension of the person who is wearing it, so it needs to tell a story through the design.

Tattoos become part of a person’s identity and clothing can be just as expressive. That is why InkAddict has created a line of clothing that brings the tattoo to life in everyday designs. Music has been an inspiration of the tattoo community and this idea has transferred to this line of clothing. The fabric is chosen to represent the softness and quality that is important in fashion. Men can choose the perfect tee or zip up hooded sweat shirt. Women require a special fit that is specifically designed for their bodies. A perfect example of a great fit for women is the Ink women’s black sweat pant that follows the curves of the woman. Black leggings are available with bright pink letters that are bold and beautiful.

Showing off the ink is the goal for those that love the art. InkAddict clothes are designed to display body ink while sporting the newest fashion designs. The tanks in the collection are perfect for those wanting to share their unique designs with the world. Living life to the fullest can be seen by those wearing the InkAddict brand. Their original works of wearable art serve a dual purpose. The first being to cover the body in comfort, and the second is to offer designs that are unique to the individual person. It is easy to be confident when wearing clothes that look good and feel great. Now is the time to know who the person is within you and let it show outwardly by wearing clothes that fit a lifestyle.
Posted by Thuy Vy Paz

10 Tips on Getting Started as a Model

I have had a few girls emailing me asking me how to get started as a model. Instead of writing the same thing each time, I finally decided to write a post about it, which I hope that aspiring models will find useful.

When it comes to getting started as a model, you must first recognize that everyone’s situation is unique. If you are young, tall, fit a size 2/4, and live in a big city, then the best way you can try to get started is by sending your photos to a bunch of legitimate local agencies or attending a lot of casting calls to see if anyone is interested in representing you.

However, if you do not fit the fashion model criteria, then you will most likely not be signed by agencies like Elite and Ford.

Don’t fit the agency criteria? Not a problem. I know several models on Model Mayhem who have successful careers without being signed by agencies. Those models have been published in magazines that many aspiring models only dream of and have landed amazing gigs. They have had success on the Internet and there is no¬†particular¬†reason why you can’t either.

1. Set realistic goals as a model. If you are under 5’9″, then you cannot be an editorial¬†fashion model but you can be a glamour, promotional,¬†nude, or fitness model. Establish your limits in terms of what types of shoots that you want to do. If you are not comfortable shooting nudes, then don’t do it. Get a friend to take a few photos of you so that you have some photos to show to potential photographers or to upload on networking sites.

2. Once you know the types of shoots that you can and will do, you can find a photographer who takes the type of photos that you are looking for. To find a photographer, join a networking site like Model Mayhem where you can browse the profiles and portfolios of many photographers in your area that you could potentially work with. Some will do trade shoots (ie. you don’t have to pay for the shoot) and some won’t.

3. Select the best photographer in¬†your desired genre that¬†you can find. Images are what sell you, therefore it’s best to have great images to begin with. If you have great images,¬†better quality photographers¬†are more likely to work with you.

4. Your portfolio. Do not put up a bunch of snapshots, pictures of your boyfriend and your party crew on your online modeling portfolio. Only post photos from professional photographers and also a couple of images that show what you look like without make-up or retouching.

5. Continue to work on yourself.¬†Make sure that you take care of your skin, get¬†enough sleep, workout and eat healthy before you start looking for people to work with.¬†If you don’t look like the images in your portfolio, photographers will not like it (ie. show up weighing 30 lbs more than what you look like in your photos)

6. ¬†Work hard. Just because you signed up and got approved to be on a networking site for models, does not mean that modeling jobs will come to you. Most likely, they won’t. There are hundreds of thousands of models on the Internet who are looking for the same thing that you want. Therefore, you should be proactive and go after the jobs yourself. There is a saying “the harder you work, the luckier you get” and truer words have never been spoken when it comes to freelance modeling.

7. Your reputation. In the modeling industry, just like anywhere else, your reputation is important. If you show up late, don’t show up at all or show up tired and hungover, people will talk. However, if you show up on time ready to work, have a good attitude, look great¬†and show that you truly care about the outcome of the shoot people will like working with you and you will get more modeling jobs.

8. Don’t quit your day job. Once you start getting paid to model, keep your day job, unless of course you begin to make more per month as a model than you do working at your day job. Very few people ever get there. If you are lucky enough to go full time, realize that you will have dry spells therefore it’s very important to have your living expenses covered.

9. Watch out for scams. Scam artists love to prey on young girls who have high hopes and dreams of being a model, so be aware. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. I wrote a post on how to avoid modeling scams, so give that a read as well.

10. Don’t get discouraged. If you do not get selected for a modeling gig, do not take it personally. Just because someone said “no” does not mean that the next person will also say “no”. It just means that there was a different model that was¬†more suited for that particular job. Keep on putting yourself out there for people to see and keep on networking. A lot of times, modeling is about who you know and that your reputation is like.

I hope you found it helpful. ūüôā

Wishing you all the best,

GUEST POST: Stand Apart in the Crowd – In a Good Way

If you do not want to be a carbon copy of the girls who wear the latest fashion from the mall, then you will want to shop at Shop Heist. You can get a completely original look and keep your budget in check at the same time. The  fashions are designed to stretch your wardrobe to the fullest. The clothing and accessories will also help you stand apart in a crowd and get you noticed the way you want to be noticed, with a sense of style..

You will be happy to find brands such as Jerome Dreyfuss Fredo lambskin bag at When you carry a purse from this line, people will stop and ask you, “where did you get that purse?” You will find an array of assorted styles, colors, and sizes to meet your particular fashion needs. Shop Heist offers purses. This line carryies both colors and patterns. Many of the purses are made from calf, lamb, or goat skin, which is a durable and long lasting leather. If you like animal prints, there will surely be a purse to grab your attention. You will want to hurry up and buy it though, these purses are known to sell out fast. To order your purse go to and visit here to view¬†the¬† complete selection.

If you want to wear something to coordinate with your new purse, then look no further. To see an Isabel Marant PARIS CARDIGAN click here at Shop Heist. This line offers comfortable tee shirts in just the right lengths and colors. You can find knitted sweaters that are sure to dress up the most faded pair of jeans . Need a comfortable yet stylish dress? You will find one here for sure.  They also offer cardigans and silk blouses that never go out of style. Find more selections by Isabel Marant here.

Be your own person with your own sense of style. Stand apart from the crowd in fashions you love, are comfortable in, and get noticed in. Make a statement that says you like who you are and the world you live in.

Posted by Thuy Vy Paz

Leonisa Coupon Code

What’s¬†great about¬†finding some coupon codes online in January and using those to your advantage in order to buy things that you didn’t get for Christmas?

The answer is: Finding Leonisa coupon codes. Leonisa is a well-established retailer of women’s lingerie,¬†shapewear¬†and swimwear. The company is committed to supplying its customers with high-quality products. Leonisa puts a lot of effort into producing excellent shapewear, swimwear and lingerie for women of all shapes and sizes.

Check out the following three Leonisa Coupon codes that you can use:

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This one is great for all you sporty gals ūüôā
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Fashion shapewear; it makes you look great!
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Above: Image courtesy of
Draping Temptress Push Up Top & Scoop Bottom

Above: Image courtesy of
Lustrous Bikini with Removable Padding

This Month’s Great Public Myth Finds!

I’m super excited that I discovered Public Myth clothing. I first¬†found out about¬†Public Myth on¬†Model Mayhem completely by accident. One day, I was browsing clothing designers and Public Myth’s profile came up. Since the avatar photo was catchy, I decided to take a look and I must say that I’m very glad I did.
Designer Kerry Pollock is the driving force of the company. After having talked to Kerry a few times, I can definitely see that he has true passion for living a healthy lifestyle and for his business.
Another great thing about Public Myth is that it’s a local Vancouver company. The clothing is made with care in Vancouver using high quality threads and fabrics. ÔĽŅ

This month’s post features a few great pieces from Public Myth.

In the two photos above, I’m wearing the Cross V Halter Top and Teaser Leggings.¬†The bra¬†fits great and has the right amount of support. The leggings are also a great fit. These leggings can be worn at the gym or they can be used with a “dressy” top to go out.


In the two images above, I’m wearing the Retro Booty Shorts and Teaser Sport Bra.
The sports bra fits very well. In addition to being stylish, it is comfortable and functional. The booty shorts are awesome. In addition to looking pretty cool, they are great for jogging in or going to the gym.

If you are¬†a fitness-minded fashionista, I¬†think that it’s definitely worth for you to take a look at Public Myth and there is a chance that you will find an awesome piece of clothing for yourself. You can also check out Public Myth on Facebook¬†since they¬†have fan promotions and other cool stuff on their page!


My Model Mayhem EDU Article Makes Top 10 of 2012

I was so thrilled to learn that an article that I contributed to the Model Mayhem EDU section a while ago made “The 10 Most Popular Articles of 2012” list. It was the 2nd most read/viewed article in the entire MM EDU section¬†in 2012.

The article that I submitted is called Model Rates: Advice for Freelance Models. In this article, I outlined some things that freelance models should consider before setting their rates.

Factors such as the quality of your portfolio, your look, location, the competition and whether or not you have any additional skills (like hair and make-up) that make you worth the money can all affect your rates as a freelance model.

Whenever I contribute an article to the Model Mayhem EDU section, my goal is to be helpful to aspiring models and to provide them with useful information about the world of freelance modeling.

I’m very familiar with it because I’ve made quite a bit of money as a freelance model and I have also interviewed models who are far more successful in the industry than me. In fact, the income I made modeling helped me get through university and for that I will always be thankful.

I wanted to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” to everyone on Model Mayhem who has read my article and passed it along.

I’m looking forward to contributing more articles to MM EDU in 2013, which I hope will continue to¬†be useful to the readers.

Above: Photo by IMS Photographic

Happy New Year!
Wishing you continued success!